Philosophy and policy

Quality philosophy and policy


– Quality philosophy –

We always put “Quality first” and provide products that are committed to total customer satisfaction”

– Quality policy –

We accurately grasp phenomena that affect quality in our day-to-day business activities, work on improvement activities, prevention of nonconformity occurrence and prevention of reoccurrence, we strive to improve quality and comply with customer’s requirements through the following activities.

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations.
  2. Yield improvement activities are tackled by all employees.
  3. We regularly review the management system and try to optimize the system.
  4. We will consider problems and challenges with deliberate measures to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities.
  5. When nonconformity occurs, we will deal promptly on the basis of the scene, theories, rules, workplaces, materials and situations.

Environmental philosophy / policy


– Environmental Philosophy –

We recognize that it is an important issue for humankind to carefully use limited resources and not to pollute nature. We will fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, aiming for harmony between people and nature, preserving the environment.

-Environmental policy-
  1. We accurately grasp phenomena affecting the environment in our daily corporate activities, and comply with related environmental laws and regulations, industry agreements and items requested by customers. We will strive to continually improve our environmental preservation activities by setting voluntary standards, environmental targets and programs to the extent technically and economically feasible in the whole company and each department.
  2. In our corporate activities, we will aim for environmental protection and pollution prevention by preferentially addressing the following items.
    ① We will promote the creation of resource-saving enterprises through manufacturing and sales.
    ② We will promote material recycling by sorting waste.
    ③ We aim to create a management system for hazardous substances and reduce.
    ④ We will provide all employees with education on environmental conservation.
  3. This policy will be announced.

June-25, 2021
Yoichiro Tanaka