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“Historical technology from Yamanashi, Japan to the world”

Yamanashi prefecture is known as the old origin of natural quartz, starting from processing into arrowhead in Jomon period, and accessories in Kofun period , as excavated at many sites. Since then, the local quartz industries have developed mainly in jewelry field, and from 1930’s industrial use of quartz have gotten prosperous. Along above history, the technology of quartz processing has been brushed up consistently. KOIKE was established in 1946, as a manufacturer of quartz resonator, used for transceiver, etc. Today KOIKE mainly manufacture “ SAW wafer”, substrate for electrical device in multifunction terminal like smartphone, which is device material to sort out necessary frequency from radio waves in the air.  All the manufacturing process from crystal growing to final product is integrated inhouse, and KOIKE, as the international SAW wafer supplier, owns our established customer base of worldwide major device makers. KOIKE always put Quality first, and will keep stable supply, and improve our production technology and quality control, based on the historical quartz processing technology in our hometown of Yamanashi, to fulfill the demand of higher precision and quality in these accelerating information technology markets.

Yoichiro Tanaka President