Top Message

KOIKE’s technology realizes “The connected society”.

KOIKE was established in 1946 to manufacture crystal oscillators used in radios and other equipment at that time. Now, our core business is manufacturing “SAW wafers” to choose needful frequency from radio waves flying around in multi-functional terminals represented by smartphones. We are a global “SAW wafers” manufacturer with an in-house integrated production system from single crystal growth to final products and having a business base that includes major domestic and overseas electric device manufacturers as our main customers.  

KOIKE is based on historical crystal processing technology rooted in our hometown Yamanashi, and every member in our company is determined to challenge satisfying our customers and contributing to the realization of  “The connected society” through KOIKE’s technology by the development of high precision and high quality products that are required in the market with the development of information technology.

Yoshihiro Nishihata President